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Reengagement process for independent and private providers

In Spring 2017 QQI began holding regional briefings for all independent and private providers to explain the Re-engagement policy and describe the proposed process.  The presentation used in the briefings is available to download here.


The proposed process will entail:

1. Application comprising 
     • Application Form and supporting documentation
     • Draft QA Procedures
     • Fee

2. Evaluation by Expert Peer Panel

QQI will appoint a panel of experienced people appropriate to the context of the provider. The panel will review the application and meet the provider to discuss it.

A draft report listing the panel's findings will follow. It will include one of the following recommendations to QQI:

     • Approve the provider's application
     • Refuse approval with Mandatory Changes
       If accepted by QQI, this decision will allow the provider to make a revised application within six months of the decision.
     • Refuse to approve
If accepted by QQI, this decisions would indicate there are serious concerns about the provider's quality assurance. The
       PAEC will decide on the necessary further steps

3. Decision by QQI

As part of QQI’s governance, the panel’s report together with the provider’s response will be submitted to the Programmes and Awards Executive Committee (PAEC) for decision.

4. Publication of Panel Report

Once the process is finalised, each panel report will be published through QQI’s website.  

Providers will publish approved QA procedures on their own websites.


Pilot Phase

In 2017/2018, QQI piloted the re-engagement process to test its efficacy before going live. Twelve providers participated in the pilot process. The expert panels consisted of experienced practitioners from providers of both higher and further education and QQI executive.The pilot proved very useful in indentifying how and where the process and associated documentation could be improved.Reengagement formally commenced in 2018 and continues apace.


Process Documents:

Guide to Re-engagement Process – for providers.

Gap Analysis Tool - This document, for a provider’s own use, is designed to help a provider to conduct a gap analysis between their current resources, governance and quality assurance procedures and be aware of what is expected as set out in the QQI suite of guidelines.

Application Form – After the pilot, the previous application form and self-assessment report were combined into a single document.  It is designed to give QQI and the panel members up to date information on the provider as well as a mapping of the provider’s QA documentation to the QQI Guidelines.

Panel Report template - This will be used by the expert panel to report the findings of their evaluation and give a recommendation to QQI. Published reengagement reports are available here
Template agenda for site visit (HE) - While the times may be modified the overall structure of the site visit will not vary from the template
Template agenda for site visit (FE) - While the times may be modified the overall structure of the site visit will not vary from the template


Additional Resources 

QQI held peer learning events for applicant providers on 9th May and 30th October 2019 and 18th February 2020. Presentations were made by QQI staff; experienced Panel members and representatives of providers that have already successfully completed reengagement. Some provider representatives have also been members of reengagement Panels and shared their feedback and insights gained from participating in the process from both perspectives.

QQI is grateful to speakers for their participation on the day and for generously sharing the benefit of their experience through the presentations below:



The fees for re-engagement are graduated system based on the provider’s scope of provision i.e. NFQ Level and award class. For details, see Schedule of Fees​.

What Now?

Pending Re-engagement, providers with validated programmes should continue as per normal i.e. delivery and assessment of currently validated programmes may proceed and applications for validation of new programmes may be made.

When do I apply?

All providers have been given a target by which they should have made their application for reengagement.  This is a quarter rather than a specific date e.g. Q3 2019.  See here ​for a listing of all providers’ target dates for applications. Reengagement Schedule 2021

Further Information

If you have further questions about Re-engagement, please use Qhelp to send them to us.