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Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

Our Vision

Extensive high-quality education and training opportunities with qualifications that are widely valued nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • promote the enhancement of quality in Ireland's further and higher education and training, and quality assure providers;

  • support and promote a qualifications system that benefits learners and other stakeholders.

Our Values

Learner-Centred: We promote a culture of access, responsiveness, flexibility, trust and quality in education and training and qualifications. We place the learner perspective at the centre of our work and also encourage stakeholders to do so.

Improvement-Oriented: We are a learning, developing and evolving organisation, committed to continuously evaluating and improving the quality of our work. This underpins our approaches to assuring and promoting improved quality in further and higher education and training.

Collaborative: We collaborate with our stakeholders to build confidence in, and improve the quality of education and training opportunities and the recognition of qualifications.

Independent: Although we work within the broad framework of governmental policy, we are operationally independent in the performance of our functions and in our decision making. We operate with integrity and in a transparent, fair, equitable, impartial and objective manner.

Professional: We treat all persons with respect, dignity and courtesy. We work to the highest standards of public service with regard to accountability, effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency.

Our Goals

We have developed seven goals to assist the organisation in fulfilling our mission:

  • We, in association with stakeholders, will ensure that the NFQ and its qualifications are used to develop:

  • Education and training programmes with clear occupational and/or educational purposes and learning outcomes or informed career and other choices.

  • Lifelong learning pathways for personal, social and professional development.

  • We will oversee an improved quality assurance system that is comprehensive and balances accountability and enhancement and promotes local responsibility.

  • We will provide clear, authoritative and comprehensive information to our stakeholders and the public regarding our roles, responsibilities and activities.  

  • We will proactively enable and encourage our staff's ability to develop, thrive, and be fully engaged in their work.

  • We will enhance our self-service systems, processes and technological capabilities to improve the quality and effectiveness of the service we deliver.