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Deactivation of Awards
QQI is responsible for ensuring that all awards standards for further education and training are fit for purpose and relevant. 

Starting in 2019 we will annually analyse the levels of certification for each Common Awards System (CAS) award to identify those that are long established and yet are either unused or little used.  This is required to ensure the integrity of the CAS and the National Framework of Qualifications. The criteria for deactivation are as follows:
•All classes of CAS awards developed prior to 2014 that have never been certified.
•All classes of CAS awards developed prior to 2014 that have been certified fewer than 20 times in the years prior to 2018.
(The years we will analyse will update annually e.g. In 2020 it will be   ‘in the years prior to 2019.’

How will this be done?

• In  April each year QQI will publish the proposed list of awards for deactivation in the following October
•Providers and other stakeholders will have until 2 months - to June to let us know if the withdrawal of any of the awards presents a problem that we need to consider.
•By mid-June, QQI will confirm the list of the awards for deactivation. All requests for the retention of awards made by stakeholders will be considered in consultation with the stakeholders.
•On 1 October 2019, QQI will deactivate the listed awards having regard to the interests of any learners already enrolled on validated programmes
•Award deactivation will happen in an orderly way with the intention of causing minimum disruption to providers and learners.

Deactivation of CAS awards 2019

QQI has concluded its review of CAS awards for deactivation. At the conclusion of the consultation process, QQI has received requests for retention of awards from a number of stakeholders. To view list click here .QQI will contact these stakeholders in the coming weeks to discuss the requests made.
The following CAS awards will be deactivated in October 2019. Link to list