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Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

Foreign Qualifications

As an open economy, Ireland welcomes people from all over the world to work and study.

Many people have qualifications obtained outside this country that may need recognised here for work or learning purposes.

If you hold a foreign qualification, we can facilitate its recognition in Ireland.

Please note, if you have a professional qualification from outside Ireland, you must contact the relevant authority to practise hereMore information can be found here. A list of regulated professions with their contact details can be found here.

Comparability Statement

Comparability Statements for a number of qualifications from various countries are available to download from the Naric section of our QSearch database.

These statements offer advice on the recognition of a foreign qualification in Ireland by comparing it to a level and major award-type, where possible on the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications).

If your qualification is included on QSearch, you can download the comparability statement yourself.

​If your qualification is not included in the Naric section of QSearch, you can apply for advice on the general academic recognition of your qualification using this form. Please view this leaflet for more details.

From 01 January 2015, submitting an application form will result in the generation of an email with a link to the QSearch database and a comment on the status of the awarding body in question.

Once a completed application is received, you are issued with a reference number by email.

It takes approximately twelve weeks for an assessment to be completed, although where possible, statements may be available sooner. Once a decision has been reached, an email will be sent to you with a link to our database (where possible) and a comment on the status of the awarding body.

How to Apply

Before making an application please read the following carefully:

Please type your details into the application form in the spaces provided.

When submitting an application, it must include the documentation outlined in Section 1. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and an advisory email will be sent to you.

Send the completed application form and relevant documents to the email address indicated.

Please note that Qualifications Recognition does not operate a public office or a call-in service. However, if you are having difficulty completing the application form, click here for additional guidance.

For Guidance

Recognition advice provided by QQI does not represent right of access to employment, a regulated profession or education and training.

The information provided may assist an employer, professional recognition body or education and training provider determine if you hold an appropriate qualification for employment/programme entry.

Recognition decisions for the purposes of accessing further education and/or employment are made by education institutions, professional recognition bodies and employers.