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NARIC Ireland: Advice on the Academic Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

NARIC Ireland offers advice on the academic recognition of foreign qualifications in Ireland.

If you hold a foreign qualification and wish to have it recognised in Ireland, or if you have been presented with a foreign qualification and wish to understand it in the context of the Irish qualifications system, you can refer to the NARIC Ireland Foreign Qualifications Database here

Comparability statements for hundreds of qualifications from many countries can be downloaded from our database at your convenience. These comparability statements are designed to help individuals understand their qualification in the context of the Irish education system and may help employers, institutions and other bodies with recognition decisions.

The comparability statement offers advice including a comparable award and level on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) and a description of the learning outcomes associated with the given level on the NFQ.

We have developed a user-guide for understanding the information contained in the comparability statements here.

Please note that NARIC Ireland does not operate a public office or a call-in service. Should you have any queries please submit them through QHelp.

Please note the following:

If a particular qualification is not included in the database, you can submit a query using the following Query Form.

Please take the time to complete the form in full and return the form to the email address indicated with the required documents attached. Such queries can only be accepted electronically.

It can take up to 12 weeks for us to respond to a query, although where possible, we will respond sooner. Once a decision has been reached, an email will be sent to you with a response to your query including a link to the database, where relevant.

There are a number of regulated professions in Ireland. If you wish to practise in one of these professions, you must contact the relevant authority.  A list of regulated professions and their contact details can be found here

Recognition advice provided by NARIC Ireland does not represent right of access to employment, a regulated profession or education and training. Recognition decisions for the purposes of accessing further education and/or employment are made by education institutions, professional recognition bodies and employers.

Criteria for Recognition
Our research work and our advice is informed by criteria related to the education and training and qualifications systems of the country of origin and specific details of the relevant foreign qualification including:

  • Status of the awarding body in the country of origin

  • Access requirements

  • Progression opportunities

  • Purpose for which assessment is sought

  • Level on national qualifications framework

  • Referencing to over-arching qualifications frameworks

  • Learning outcomes

  • Credits/Volume of learning

We work with colleagues in other ENIC-NARIC centres and national, European and international organisations to develop the transparency and coherence of these criteria.

For information on our collaborations and development projects please see here.

For information on the variety of initiatives that have been launched with a view to simplifying the transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications in Europe and further afield please see here.