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VISKA - Making Learning Visible

A national project on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Ireland, through the work of QQI, is participating in a 3-year Erasmus + KA3 funded project examining the policy impacts from field trials among different partners in different countries providing recognition of prior learning to people with few or no formal qualification, but who have what are now called ‘transversal skills’.
Recognition of prior learning is a priority for development across Europe to improve people’s chances of getting jobs that use their skills and competences. Transversal skills are skills that employers often talk about, such as problem solving, communication skills, interpersonal skills.  We all know people who could ‘turn their hand to anything’, but have few qualifications to show for it- or whose experiences of getting qualifications just don’t reflect the skills they do have, in ways that employers might appreciate.
The project is also operating with partners in Norway, Iceland and Belgium(Flanders); many countries will conduct a national experiment in RPL at the same time. Skills Norway are leading the project consortium.  The work is formally evaluated by the research partner, the Cork Institute of Technology. A National Advisory Group has been set up to support VISKA in Ireland; this group includes representatives from the Department of Education and Skills, the Department of Social Protection, NALA, AONTAS, the National Centre for Guidance in Education and SOLAS.
Nationally it is hoped that this project will support building practices and skills as we develop realistic approaches to RPL as an integral part of the further education and training services. 
If you are working in FET and are interested in learning more about the Recognition of Prior Learning in Ireland, join the practitioner network  

If you have questions about having your own learning and achievements recognised through an RPL process, talk first to your further education and training provider.