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Qualifications and Skills

​EQF (European Qualifications Framework)

QQI is the contact point for the EQF in Ireland and is on the international advisory group developing the framework.  The EQF (European Qualifications Framework) is used to compare awards from qualifications systems throughout Europe. It consists of eight reference levels for awards from national qualifications systems and frameworks.

Ireland verified the compatibility of the Irish NFQ (National Qualifications Framework) with the EQF in 2009, one of the first countries in Europe to do so and through QQI, contributes through the ongoing development of the EQF.  QQI also updates on national progress in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) toward the achievement of the 2012 Council Recommendation through the throught the EQF Advisory Group  

For more about how these two frameworks relate to each other see our interactive framework fan diagram.  

Europass (National Reference Point)

What is Europass?

Europass is a suite of documents which make the qualifications, skills and competences of an individual more transparent to employers and education institutions in Ireland, the EU and further afield.

It an initiative to increase mobility of workers and learners throughout Europe through the development and promotion of a series of documents and tools which help make your skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood.

Two documents that are freely accessible to be completed by European citizens:

  • The Curriculum Vitae helps you present your skills and qualifications effectively and clearly.  You can create your CV using the online portal with tutorials or download the template, examples and instructions..

  • The Language Passport helps to assess your language skills and qualifications. You can create your Language Passport online using tutorials or download the template, examples and instructions.

Three documents issued by education and training authorities:

  • The Europass Mobility records the knowledge and skills acquired in another European country; this is used especially by individual on overseas or training work placements such as Erasmus+; sending organisation  can issue Europass mobility using the on-line registration system.

  • The Certificate Supplement describes the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of vocational education and training certificates; They are issued by the awarding organisation across Europe (in Ireland for vocational qualifications to provide supplemental information about their qualifications. It helps employers to better understand the content and level of the qualifications.  

  • The Diploma Supplement describes the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of higher education degrees. They are issued by higher education institutions across Europe providing supplemental information about their qualifications.  The DS helps employers to better understand the content and level of a qualification.

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Irish National Europass Centre

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