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Qualifications Recognition Development Work

Promotion and Development

One of our roles at NARIC Ireland, is to work on national and international projects aimed at developing and promoting best practice in the recognition of foreign qualifications.

We also implement a number of international agreements relating to the recognition of foreign qualifcations. Work in this area is ongoing.

Current Projects

NARIC Projects (2016-18)

NARIC Ireland is involved in five projects with consortia of partners from other ENIC-NARIC centres approved by the European Commission through Erasmus+ from June 2016 which are as follows:

IMPACT - Quality and Impact of the Recognition Networks
This project aims to  extend the QA and peer review system of recognition offices, including facilitating a new round of peer reviews; connect European admissions officers to the ENIC-NARIC networks  and to assess the impact of the ENIC-NARIC networks on recognition in the European Region.

PARADIGMS - New Paradigms in Recognition
This project aims to  explore systems of automatic recognition for the EHEA countries (in line with the Yerevan Communiqué); and methodology to signal and evaluate individual competences of applicants relating to ‘eclectic programmes’, containing MOOC credits, work experience, etc).

SCAN-D database - The aim of the project is to include scanned samples of qualifications from more countries and input into the SCAN-D database ( The SCAN-D platform will then allow the possibility to directly upload the qualifications from an ENIC NARIC centre. 

RENSA - Recognition of Non-Country Specific Awards
This project is to review  approaches taken by centres to “non-country specific” awards which are wholly international, and do not form part of any one national education system. This includes qualifications offered by international awarding bodies and increasingly, nationally recognised awarding bodies offering customised international awards which fall outside of the remit of the national regulator. The intent is to develop guidelines for centres on evaluation of these.

ON-REQ - NARIC On-line course 
This project concerns the training of evaluators for Evaluation of Foreign Courses, Diplomas and Qualifications.

Recognition Agreements and International Developments

As part of Ireland's policy of increasing citizen mobility, a number of international agreements are in place which support the recognition of qualifications between countries.

For instance, there are a number of bilateral agreements between Ireland and countries such as the UK, Australia and China. Details of these can be found at QSearch under the Recognition tab.

Also, the National Framework of Qualifications for Ireland is compatible with two international agreements which have been signed by countries throughout Europe and beyond.

The Bologna Process is an agreement between 47 countries to develop education systems with a greater degree of compatibility.

The European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF) allows for comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. ​