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Conferences and Events

We regularly host conferences and events to engage with our stakeholders and promote quality assurance in education and training in Ireland.

On this page you will find details of upcoming and past events.  Most QQI conferences are by invitation only and are heavily subscribed.

Invites for the below events will issue in the coming weeks.

For the full listing of all our corporate events, meetings and briefings please see also our corporate calendar

Upcoming Events

Further Education and Training Enhancement Conference - 19 September 2017

This is the first enhancement conference for the independent/private further education and training sector and the theme is Self-Evaluation and Governance – exploring the benefits of self-evaluation, including reflective analysis and considering the requirements of governance. This conference will also look at provider requirements under the new Data Protection requirements.

Rethinking the Role of Qualifications – the Digitalisation Agenda - 24 October 2017
Creativity, entrepreneurship, learning-to-learn, digital competence and other skills and competences are emerging as more and more important for innovation, growth and participation in a digital society and economy. Quality and Qualifications Ireland is bringing together experts and an audience of enterprise, educationalists and policy-makers to consider how these new skills and competences can and should be defined, described, taught, acquired and recognised.

Collaborative Provision in HE in Europe (QQI/ QAA) - 7 November 2017
QQI is hosting a joint conference with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) on the most recent evaluation of transnational provision between the UK and Ireland and collaborative provision around Europe, the EHEA in general.  The conference will consider the broader framework (policy, agency involvement, national initiatives) for collaborative provision, with specific case studies from Ireland Spain, Austria and Germany. It will aim to provide a forum for discussion and clarity around some of the expectations and requirements of the countries involved on collaborative transnational provision. 

English Language Education (ELE) Quality Enhancement Event - 22 November 2017
This is a follow-up to the Inaugural QQI English Language Education Seminar in November 2016 on fostering and supporting improvement and enhancement of quality ELE practice and the role of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).  The theme for the 2017 event is Management of English Language Education (assessment, teaching and learning) .

Higher Education Quality Enhancement/Forward Looking Conference - 11 December 2017
This is a joint conference with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) established under the active Memorandum of Understanding between QQI and the HEA. It is also to serve as QQI’s third annual quality enhancement conference for the higher education sector and the HEA forward looking seminar. The theme is ‘Internationalisation - a driver of quality in Irish Higher Education’.